The Mission of Shakespeare Saturdays

Our main goal with this reading performance series is to foster learning, understanding and craftsmanship in the performance of Shakespeare. We work with many different performing artists, from the new-to-New-York to veterans, from those who performed at the Globe in London to those for whom this is their very first Shakespeare play. We also seek to promote minority actors. We are proud of our record for casting non-traditionally, and we strive to continue it. The experience from having a well-mixed cast heightens everything for everyone, and gives opportunities where many are denied.

We are looking for people who enjoy studying text, tweaking nuance and depth out of a performance. We are seeking people who enjoy both processes of reading and acting. There are already far too many entertainmnt groups whose sole purpose is getting money out of your pocket. If that is the primary concern, then true acting and true understanding of literature loses.

We are shooting for good fellowship, good friendship, good study and good acting. It is the desire and work that is all-important.

We invite you to come listen and see our neighborhood and audition! Inwood is the neighborhood of Manhattan at the very northern tip. After the reading, you can walk across the street and go up to The Cloisters and enjoy the world's premier collection of Mediaeval art right in the middle of historic Fort Tryon Park. You can also take in a baseball game in Inwood Park, where local teams are scouted by the Minors. After the game, you can go visit Lucy, the white swan who lives in the inlet where the Hudson and Harlem rivers meet. Good dining is popping up in our neighborhood, and it's worth the trip. There is a lot to do up in this great neighborhood and it is all good.

Donna Stearns, Executive Producer
Jason Kendall, Artistic Director

MoonBeam.Net productions, in conjunction with the New York Public Library presents Shakespeare Saturdays, A Free Reading Series Celebrating the Diversity of Upper Manhattan.

Executive Producer and Resident Composer: Donna Kendall Stearns

Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

Made possible by the generous support of
The New York Public Library

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