Donna Stearns Presents
First Dance

An original R&B love song by Donna Stearns

Special News!!! Presents and Music Zone are happy to announce FIRST DANCE was in the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards Nominating Ballot and Entry List

Field 5 Category 25 - Best R&B Song
Entry #23

First Dance is currently in the wedding pile for ABC-TV's "All My Children" and in the library at The Spirit Music Group.

To our colleagues who are voting members of NARAS, we respectfully ask that if you have not already heard First Dance, please review the online music samples which are given below or ask for your complimentary copy. And for your consideration . . . thank you.

To our friends who can spread the word to voting members of NARAS, please pass on the information and web site address for music samples. And for your support . . . thank you.

Here's another feather in Donna's cap:
Honorable Mention 1999 Billboard Songwriter's Contest!!!
First Dance placed in the top 500 out of over 20,000 entrants in this prestigious popular music contest.