Donna and Jason's Wedding Album

This is Jody Link, one of our 4, that is right four ministers. Jodi is Jason's aunt. Now to make matters interesting, the other three ministers were Travis Kendall (Jason's uncle), Kendall Soulen (Jason's cousin), and Richard Soulen (Jason's uncle). Kendall Link passed away a few years ago, and was also a minster. He was present in spirit as Jodi, his wife, wore Kendall's waistband and stole. It was a knot that was tied very hard.
Yes, ahem, these are the rings....
This is right after our wedding in the Conservatory Gardens in New York City. We were happy by the fountain.
Well, we can't be serious all of the time.
Or any of the time for that matter...
This is the Kendall Family. From left to right, Phil, Donna, Jason, Travis, Ero, Damon, Djuna, Noel. We are quite the bunch. Damon is holding his two daughters and Travis is concerned because at that moment his wife was expecting her about 2 days. Trav was stressed. Phil and Noel had many great memories of New York before this, Phil even got Noel's wedding ring on 47th street right where Jason got Donna her ring.
This is the Stearns family. From left to right: Stephen, Donna's brother; Myra, Donna's mother; Jason and Donna ; Eddie, Donna's brother in-law; and Ginny, Donna's sister. Myra was the best trooper at the wedding, bringing her spunk and love to the whole occasion. She was happy to see her daughter get married.
A real New York Wedding aboard Cloud 9, an amazing yacht. We motored all around Manhattan and made a long stop by the Lady Liberty.
This is our First Dance, and we are dancing to Donna's music. It was a wonderful moment. Donna tried not cry and Jason couldn't stop talking.
This energetic conflagration led to surprising result...
Ah the wedding cake. Cloud 9 has a great bakery! And Li got the bouquet in the previous picture.
Ralph was a great Best Man. It was his first time in the Big Apple, and he found Manhattan quite to his tastes.
What you get when you have a rock star and a wild stock broker at a wedding when the garter needs to get tossed.
We had a great time, and we hope you liked our pictures, now listen to our song!