Up, Up, Up in the Sky

A New Song by Donna Stearns Celebrating the International Year of Astronomy

About The Song

The United Nations declared 2009 as The International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009), and to date, Up, Up, Up in the Sky is one of only eleven official IYA2009 songs that celebrate the 400th anniversary since Galileo first looked up toward the sky through a telescope. This EP is perfect for astronomers, educators, presenters and lecturers because there are 7 different mixes of the song, including various karaoke mixes and outro loops ideal as a tag at the end of a lecture or presentation, or as a prep before a presentation begins.

There's a whimsical approach to Donna's songwriting, while the full song also delivers intelligent reasons why the sky has meaning for everyone, from Galileo's discoveries to worshippers. The lyrics also tell of fantasy and myth, including the belief that stars were once Pharaohs as well as describing the tale of Herd-Boy and Weaver Girl. Since a beautiful night sky can bring out the romantic in all of us, Donna gives Romeo and Juliet as an example that the sky belongs to lovers too. Musically, Donna brought her hit-songwriting background to composing the song. Then, producers Joe Carroll and Wade Tonken's arrangement enhanced the theatrical quality of her song, resulting in what could easily be heard as the opening song to a Broadway musical! ...and now everyone is urging her to write that musical!

Donna is joined by three other soloists - Clara Barton Green, Matt Gordon and Eric Vetter. Each of The Big Bangers know Donna from the theatrical world and Shakespeare Saturdays. Donna has a mezzo belt, Clara's voice is pure soprano, Matt's baritenor is a theatrical director's dream and soulful Eric is the best noodler in town! The four singers trade off solos, but on every refrain, they sing as an ensemble where their voices blend. There was a lot of fun while recording the song, and they hope the listener has fun hearing it!

Copyright Donna Stearns, 2009, All Rights Reserved.